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Watch S4

Your health, your time, your watch.

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High-definition resolution

Clear details and vibrant colors for a pleasant visual experience. 1.38-inch high-resolution screen for sharp details and vivid colors, providing an immersive visual experience

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Reliable performance

 Up to 30 days on standby and 7 days of normal use, ideal for continuous use without frequent recharging.

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Extreme versatility with 100 sport modes

Explore a variety of sports modes including running, swimming, cycling, and much more

Continuous monitoring

Accurate and continuous heart rate monitoring throughout the day.

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Continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation

Accurate measurement throughout the day for continuous monitoring.

Instant notifications

Receive real-time alerts for messages, calls, and important events.

Smart control

You can control music playback, change songs on your watch without needing to use your phone. Additionally, you can remotely take photos with your phone.

+250 stylish watch faces with the BuzzWatch S4

Enjoy an exclusive selection of over 250 stylish watch faces with the Buzz Watch S4.

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