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Watch S3 I S3+

Technology on your wrist.

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High-quality LCD screen

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Long-lasting Performance: The smartwatches S3 and S3 Plus offer 15 days of battery life

Enjoy durable and uninterrupted performance with the smartwatches S3 and S3 Plus, which offer an impressive 15-day battery life. Designed to accompany you daily without the need for frequent recharges

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+100 Sports Choices 

More than 100 sports available, including indoor and outdoor sports.
The Smart Watch S3 and S3+ offer a wide variety of sports activities, with over 100 different choices

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Keep in Pace

The Smart Watch S3 and S3+ are equipped with advanced technologies to accurately monitor your heart rate in real time.

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Your Health Partner

The Smart Watch S3 and S3+ go beyond simple smartwatches. They offer advanced health tracking features, including precise monitoring of blood oxygen levels

Smart Control

You can play and pause music, change songs, and capture photos directly from your watch without needing to take out your phone.

Smart Notifications

Enjoy smart notifications with the Buzz Watch S3 and S3+. No need to turn on your phone anymore

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A Watch Face for Every Occasion: Over 250 Stylish Options

The Smart Watch S3 and S3+ are not just health and fitness tracking tools. They are also versatile fashion accessories, offering over 250 different watch faces to suit every occasion and style.

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