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Watch PRO

the future of smartwatches is already here

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Advanced AMOLED Display

Equipped with a 1.43-inch Full HD AMOLED screen,

The BuzzWatch Pro offers vibrant colors, high contrast, and exceptional sharpness, perfectly suited for daily use.

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Long-lasting battery life

Enjoy up to 15 days of continuous use on a single charge.

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Sport pro

Access an impressive variety of over 100 sports modes

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Heart rate monitoring

Monitor your heart health in real-time with the Buzz Watch Pro and its ultra-precise heart rate sensor.

Blood oxygen monitor

Gain better insights into your respiratory health with continuous blood oxygen monitoring.

 Smart control and notification management

Stay connected and informed with instant notifications on your wrist,

Unique style with over 250 watch faces

Choose from a wide selection of wallpapers to create a unique look

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