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Watch GT

Stay in sync with the world.

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Vibrant Colors with the 1.96'' AMOLED Screen

For vibrant and intense colors that captivate the eye, the 1.96'' AMOLED screen of the BuzzWatch GT harmoniously combines exceptional performance with meticulous precision

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15 Worry-Free Days: The BuzzWatch GT Reinvents Battery Life

Offering an impressive battery life of 15 days without any worries.

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With remarkable versatility at your disposal, the BuzzWatch GT offers a selection of over 100 diverse sports modes, perfectly suited for all your physical activities

Your Heart Under Control : Precise Heart Rate Monitoring by the Buzz Watch GT

Stay informed about your heart's condition with the precise heart rate monitoring provided by the BuzzWatch GT. This advanced feature allows you to monitor your cardiovascular health with unmatched accuracy

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Your Health Under Control

Take full control of your health with precise blood oxygen monitoring provided by the BuzzWatch GT."

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Capture Perfect Photos from a Distance with Ease Using Smart Control from the BuzzWatch GT

Experience the ease of capturing perfect photos from a distance with the smart control offered by the Buzz Watch GT.

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Personalize Your Style : +250 Elegant Watch Faces with the BuzzWatch GT

Exprimez votre style unique en personnalisant votre Buzz Watch GT avec plus de 250 cadrans de montre élégants. Que vous préfériez un look classique, moderne ou sportif,

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